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appraisal reportIf you submitted a work order, please make a payment below or, if you have an account with us, mail us a check to the address below.

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Desk Appraisals $150

This is our most popular product, it’s a market analysis that determines the loss in value a vehicle suffers after a repaired wreck.

This is a sight unseen appraisal and includes a complimentary Autocheck History Report.

Field Appraisals $275

Usually requested on high dollar claims, this includes a 5 page comprehensive report, an autocheck history report  as well as a physical inspection.
$50 surcharge for Georgia claims outside metro Atlanta.


Umpire / Mediation Services $250

Usually requested for first party claim, appraisal clause, negotiation and settlement.

Expert Witness Testimony:

To appear in court as an expert witness, the cost is $300 for the first hour and $200 for every subsequent hour. Please allow a 2 week notice.


If you have an account with us, please mail payments to:

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