Car Appraisals and Claims LLC

Car Appraisals and Claims LLC is a  professional car appraisal company specializing in diminished value and total loss vehicle appraisal reports. We also can handle various umpire/mediation claims and serve as expert witness in court.

We serve:

  • Personal Injury Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Dealer Groups
  • Government Agencies
  • Independent Claims Adjusters
  • Fleet and Rental Companies
  • Municipalities / Public Transportation Authority

We also serve the general public through our subsidiaries:

  • Diminished Value of Georgia
  • Diminished Value Carolina
  • Diminished Value Bureau
  • Totaled.US
  • Atlanta Auto Appraiser LLC
  • Charity Car Appraiser LLC

When it comes to Diminished Value & Total Loss Appraisals, we offer three services:

  1. Field Appraisal $275 (includes physical inspection)
  2. Desk Appraisal  $150 (sight unseen)
  3. Umpire Service $250

We also offer FREE estimates, so before you order any of our services, we can give you an idea on what the loss in value amount is. For a free estimate please call us at 678-805-4066  email or just fax us the repair bill or valuation report.

To verify if your claim qualifies for DV, please visit our Qualification Quiz Page.

To request an appraisal please visit our work order page.

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